FSMK Winter Camp, and woah!

Five days, two hundred people, tens of technologies, hundreds of ideas, hours of interaction and abundance of fun, with unimaginable amount of work – all of these coalesced into one of the most memorable experiences ever. This is what FSMK’s Winter Workshop-2013 has come to be.

FSMK, an organisation that I am a proud member of, has in an unprecedented attempt pulled off this scintillating experience for the participants and the organisers. A five days, residential training workshop on Free Software technologies, as a necessary attempt to bridge the gap between academic learning and industry requirements, with the quintessential ideas of Free Software were discussed, debated and comprehended through these five days.

This mega event happened at Sai Vidya Institute of Technology, in the outskirts of Bangalore at Rajankunte. Keeping the January climate of Bangalore in mind, we had christened the event “Winter Workshop”, and to prove us doubly right the first day of the event, on the 26th of January we were all greeted by dense fog, bringing down visibility to almost zero. While we were apprehending if this would continue for the other days too (for, really cold mornings are of course not optimum for sessions that begin at 8 in the morning), the weather mellowed down and the chill was only caused during the experiences of the sessions.

Speakers from industry, academic institutions, Free Software communities, students and a refined set of resource people had discourses on various ideas, ideologies and intentions of Free Software.

In one of my talks I had said “Technology is the catalyst in the reaction between science and society”. Ascertaining this claim was the rapport that got built and strengthened through the five days, between participants, and also with organisers. This level of admiration, trust and camaraderie would not be possible without the technology that got us bound together – Free Software.

A team of just about twenty organisers were multitasking numerous responsibilities to run the show, almost flawlessly. From serving tea, to assigning rooms, to technical support to each and every other responsibility were impeccably executed by the single entity that the organisers team had coagulated into. The hundred and fifty close participants, were all , at least most of the time hooked on to the sessions and were busy learning. Kudos to their commitment.

Working in a team like the one at FSMK, the drive one gets is immeasurable. These five days have passed so swiftly that it seems unbelievable to imagine everything that has transpired during the workshop.

The satisfaction you get after busy working through the day, when you crash in your bed, only to wake up after those few fulfilling hours of sleep, only to do more is divine!

Cheers to everyone who was part of the workshop, and made it not merely a success, but a lifelong memorable experience.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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