Drowning in AR’s Kadal

And, after couple of years and few albums A R Rahman is back doing what he does best – create some of the best music, that is going to stick with you for life. Kadal is a masterpiece by the master. Tell what may others, I am drowned deep in the warmth these songs are creating. Relishing the authentic Tamil, experimentation and everything about this soundtrack.

This is not review, a desperate attempt to articulate my emotions about these brilliant songs.

1. Chithirai Nela
Singer: Vijay Yesudas
Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Now, this is a track that might not go down well with the general population – a slow, soberly philosophical track. It has some of the best lines for a song written by the genius – Vairamuthu. Now, the undisturbing music elevates Vijay Yesudas’ vocals to the next level – he almost sounds like the Magical Yesudas, and in different way better too. Reserve this song for the hard times – it will make you feel better. A slow start to the album, but fits the package best. Looking forward to the visualisation.

2. Adiye
Singer: Sid Sriram
Lyrics: Karky
When I heard Aaromale from Vinnaithandi varuvaya,the song being in Malayalam I would imagine what impact it would render upon me if I had understood the words too with those brilliant strummings and a powerful vocal. Adiye is all that plus more, with some of the most funky and imaginative lyrics which goes so really well with the tune. Karky (son of Vairamuthu) has penned down a brilliant song, at least for the mediocre Tamilian that I am. Adiye has its starry moments, where you are smiling within yourself- sometimes for the ride of the vocals and other times for the words.

3. Moongil Thottam
Singers: Abhay Jodhpurkar, Harini
Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Moongil Thottam is my favorite track from the album. It will stay on as an epoch.
The tune is scintillating, the words bring life to all the scenic beauty it describes – it transports me to the world built in its words, riding on the tides of music composed by the genius. It puts me at awe, to know that all the Vairamuthu tracks were poems, and AR has elegantly adorned them in such masterpiece compositions.
The best part of this song is Harini!
It has been long hearing her refreshing voice, and when she enters this song you feel a high! Magic!
This will stay on for ages!

4. Elay Keechan
Singer: A.R. Rahman
Lyrics: Karky
LOL – was my reaction! First released as a teaser, I was laughing all along listening to this song. AR singing in Tamil after long, and what a comeback song! Funky, sticks inside the head, and truly teasing! The way this number begins is hilarious – Oye, calls out AR, then builds up layers of music rendering a reggae kind of a feel to it, to only break it with slang coastal Tamil. AR in full form so to speak.

5. Nenjukkule
Singer: Shakthisree Gopalan
Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Some songs are so simple that that simplicity overpowers the audience. Nenjukkule is powerful vocal riding a tricky tune, saying out Vairamuthu’s diamonds and pearls. Performed first in MTV Unplugged, AR had made the magic already there. I have been clinging onto this track for last month longing for other tracks, and I still am not used to it. Nenjukkule means within one’s heart, and this one’s gonna stay there forever.

6. Anbin Vasale
Singer: Haricharan
Lyrics: Karky
Complex composition, not much to say except that it is a Christian carol kind of track.

7. Magudi Magudi
Singers: Aaryan Dinesh, Kanagaratnam, Chinmayi, Tanvi Shah
Lyrics: Aaryan Dinesh, Kana
No better way than a fusion, trance song! Srilankan rapper Dinesh PERFORMS in this new kind of a track from AR. It is weird, but awesome!

Overall, Kadal (means Sea in Tamil) drowns you in its layers of sublime music.
Hail AR!

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2 Responses to Drowning in AR’s Kadal

  1. Deepthi says:

    Wonderful review (though you prefer not calling it one :-)) i never imagined a geek to write such romantic review 😛 Am still trying to understand the lyrics for each of these songs 😦

  2. Raghavendra S says:

    Geek ah? 😛
    You must read by poetry. Not great, but atleast helps break the myth.

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