The paradox of creation

Sometimes, when I feel dumb about not having created anything substantial, as yet, that the world would stand up and recognise, the witty mind of mine gives excuses that seem to convince me, at least prevents me from going into a depression 😛

I say to myself, if I were born in the medieval ages, or when Science hadn’t made the progress it has made today, the chance of me stumbling upon a problem and solution to that problem would have been more. Now, after the evolution of human science and technology to these great heights, I say to myself there are fewer problems and I will have to wait longer, in pursuit of understanding all that has been already unravelled, before even reaching the realms of the un-understood.

The problems I would want to solve are the natural mysteries and wonders. I know there are numerous other technical challenges which I can embark upon to quench my urge to create, and maybe even shoot to fame. But, as you will read next, I am already framing up another excuse to not delve into these pursuits as well, citing the reason that I want to solve nature’s puzzles and not man made ones.

Human mind is a marvellous thing, and working in its own awe it can create a world that fits into us accommodating for all our flaws and shortcomings.

For a photographer, everything is an object to be shot, for a film maker everything is a scene to be included in his next, for a writer life is an inspiration, and likewise all creative minds look up to their surroundings and create a world within their heads, in which the protagonist is the mind itself. In the context of this post, a lazy, procrastinating mind is also creative in giving excuses to create.

Thus, by not wanting to create, there is something already being created.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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  1. Shilpa says:

    You concluded it pretty well.. I love ur style of writing a lot!!

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