To all the startdust, and hydrogen clouds!

If you thought that the grand questions of life “Who am I”, “What am I doing here”, etc haunt us when at the verge of growing senile or crazy, not quite – I have encountered these many a times and not recently, but before a few years. You can take it from me that I am not senile, but crazy I might not deny – will leave it to the rest of you to decide relative to your own ability to think 😛

Now, I did convince myself with answers that I use on a daily basis to keep myself motivated, and when I do get low down these ideas immediately help me out!

So, who am I? Or, can I generalise on behalf of all of us – Who are we?

The most rational, yet humbling answer is that we are all star dust! We are chunks of Hydrogen cloud who have been lucky enough to undergo nuclear fusion, in a labyrinth of processes and assimilate the whole lot from periodic table into ourselves, and have an obscure synchronisation (many invent God in this junction) to be able to sit down and ponder about these questions!

This idea that all of us are hydrogen clouds, just lucky enough to be in this form before we again end up being the unconscious matter in the Universe is a journey called life! When I did realise this and started imbibing it into my thought process, every moment I waste without being positive simply adds to the guilt of all the time I have wasted in my life already. It does not only help me not waste time (at least most of the times), but also keeps me positive in being me.

And by not being positive or being happy I find it to be sedition on our part to the Universe! For, if you work out the probability of the number of atoms in your body (having a conscious ride) to the rest of the unconscious matter in the Universe, it is literally zero!
Aren’t we lucky then?

Like many philosophical characters in films and books have already said – Life is too short to get sad!

It is not just for the heck of writing a post that I am portraying this profound idea that drives me; I strongly endorse this point of view and I don’t see any other way of defining and justifying the life that we live.And I thought some of you were looking for an answer of this kind!

Happy living 🙂


About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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