Why create?

Is it natural for us to seek recognition and establish ourselves proficient in some skills, or is it mere peer pressure and the expectation from the society that we want to do something and grow beyond ourselves. If left alone will we want to excel, or will the individual in us remain complacent and do nothing exceptional?

I am trying to probe into the intent, and the incentive we as ‘people in a soceity’ need to create.

The act of creation, in terms of various expressions in art and numerous inquisitions in science is, in many cases personal, but the purpose for their existence might not be contained within the individual. I am implying that the creator creates to cater to the rest of the beings who do not create, either by serving their needs and/or by severely being dependent on them by deriving them as the subject.

Think of an imaginary world where individuals wouldn’t be related to each other- more specifically highly independent, incubated from each other so to speak with little or no interaction with each other. In such a case, would the individual still want to create? Will for instance, he/she compose music or write out a novel? While I see the possibility of it happening; it might only contribute a small portion of the creation.

My argument is that although the process of creation is very personal, for an artist or a writer or a performer, without a subject that
‘the world minus the creator ‘presents itself to be, there is no purpose to create. While most artists have sought solitude and hence solace in disconnected creation, it does not construe to be a rebuttal to claim of ‘dependent creation’. For, the very reason an artist drifts away from the society makes the society a subject in an anti sense. The paradox – “Don’t think of an elephant, and our brain in attempting not to think of an elephant is first thinking of an elephant”. Likewise, a creator who does not want to create for the society.

Still, the fundamental question of ‘why create’ is unanswered.
Because I do not have any other well versed examples other than myself, I shall take my amateur creative abilities in the world of words as a case study.

I write fundamentally to express myself. And the question that surfaces immediately is that why I want to express and to whom? If I were to express myself to my own self, venting it through words wouldn’t be necessary, for, all I end up doing is express myself inadequately by outsourcing my thoughts to words. So, in such a case I am seeking to express myself to beings other than myself, and if I am seeking their consent about me -I am not sure. Maybe I want them to peek into me – is that a valid reason? To me it is! Do I want them to admire this expressed me? If I say no, I would only be contradicting my existence – of course, we all seek admiration. If you differ,do express your dissent.
If not for the society, I would not have any observations to make and report it as my understanding or vent out as my emotions.

Without society, that is without being connected to the world external to us, there simply cannot be any creation. We are still social beings, and if we digress from this tendency we might cease to exist.
We create to fill ourselves and serve others.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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