IT is the wrong apple of the eye

A disclaimer even before you could read this post. Of the many, increasing cynics about the IT (Information & Technology) industry, I am one grooming cynic substantiated by experience and statistics. So, if you are looking for an unbiased critique you might not find it to be neutral, for, I believe the issue itself isn’t neutral.

Now, delving into the topic itself, I am yet again like my Religion vs Science debates, trying to put forth another iteration of views as to how the IT industry with all its aura and grandeur is not, and cannot be the panacea to the perils of Indian problems; nor, will it emancipate the masses to their thriving livelihoods.

Simply put, the IT industry is a vegetative progeny of the post Cold war, frigid attacks of unscrupulous capitalist modes of production. I mean – a fang of neo liberal exploitation and greed. (if it sounds heavy, look around you)

Now the question if the IT industry itself is good or bad is a bigger problem requiring special treatment. I, inn this post only intend to highlight the pseudo reality that the frantic and frenzy media have made, and have been successful in making the population believe it.

The lifestyle of Indians has in the last decade primarily, shifted to a unapologising emulation of the West. While emulating the West has never been new to the majority of the inferior feeling Indians, but now a societal sanctity has been granted, and the mascots are the IT diaspora. The impact this is having has caused the adiabatic changes in the culture and ethos of the society.

This being the case, an important tumult that has been triggered and is now a tsunami like menace – education system is now dancing to the tunes of  IT industry.

The rise of the IT industry in India required a work force,and the education system was more than willing to position itself as a provider of mediocre work force (for, the training in courses is never adequate for industry), reducing impetus for research or pursuit of other essential courses like the Arts, History, Pure Sciences, after having their luster stripped off – thanks to the IT illusion.

Another alarming, personal observation has been the shift of focus of the ‘Engineering institutions’ towards manufacturing workforce for IT. It is again one of those subtle facts which now is being showcased with decorum.

While I was a student, any major event would be presided over by chief guests who were erudite scholars, or well accomplished persons in the society with various facets to them. Now the trend, alarmingly seems that the people invited as guests of honour are IT company HR managers, Team Leaders and other positions of a system – this depicts that the IT industry now is the true master of the education system.

These professional courses are not for sure enabling students choose their profession,only are they guaranteeing them jobs and this is the only aspect everyone seems to be bothered about.

I see foul in this whole saga of IT industry and education sector nexus; with the natural. abundant capital that flows in it the whole contorted reality is being perceived the reality and all that is happening in effect is sacrificing past values and present generations, inviting bleaker future with no roots or connections whatsoever.

By treating IT the apple of the eye, the society might sooner or later realise it has lost both its eyes!

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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