Not only intellectual resonance

As I have grown being what I am today, I have encountered many amazing people who surprise me every time in their own terms. Of these, only a handful have been able to multiplex themselves into me, and made impact on my life. The only criterion that I have been conscious of to allow these minds to be able to influence me is the intellectual resonance, and in very rare cases immense affection.

It is interesting for me to note that the ones I have let close to myself are all in some way or another very much like me – either in their outlook of the world, their rationality or their sensibilities, but in most cases they satisfy all these and hence are only a handful.

The other rarity of attributes that I look forward to in my peers , rather when I was looking forward to nothing, they have come and swept me away by showing unbounded affection, and I have of course granted them whole heartedly intimate places in my life. For some lucky reason or something for me, these few angels have entered my life, unleashing a dam of affection, and are willing to absorb my melancholy for my own sake. As yet there have been just two to be precise who fit this category and I miss the second person, immensely 🙂

The nature of these two category of people although is extreme, there is very little difference in the roles I have let them play in my life. Fortunate I have been to have known these mindful hearts and  the heartiful minds, helping me drive through the crests and troughs of my mild struggle that is in my life.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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