When words get redundant

Words are left redundant, when all that has to be conveyed can be communicated using grander means like colours, music and dance. All I can now use these words is to ineptly reminisce an experience which makes the word ‘euphoria’ sound euphemistic.

I was relishing the experience at a cultural performance showcasing traditional Chinese art in the form of music, song and dance, elevating me along with the audience to newer realms of sublimity – all of this, with zero cognisance of the words being said or even knowing their culture in its nuances.

And it is while being immersed in this trance like experience were thoughts running in my head, trying to analyse the specificities of impact caused by performing art on our minds.


I am sitting there understanding not a single word, but still swept in the sea of suave emotions. The voice of the singers, the elegance of the dancers and the reverberations from the instruments are all expressing bounds and volumes of emotions, which even the best of prose or most elegant of the poetry might not be able to instigate in an audience that could be as various as that was present today.

So, it was the expression which came in the form of modulations in voice, swiftness in dance, charm on their faces and the qualities of sound that encapsulated into an effective form of expression.


Performing art, or any other endeavour, if has to have an impact on the audience the passion invested in pursuing the art itself is most important. When the artists deliver their repertoire with passion as that was exhibited today, the experience on the part of lucky audience like myself will be send us into a kick of ecstatic delirium.

Practice and Synchronisation

The difference between a single artist and a troupe is the extra joy that synchronism yields in case of a well performing troupe. The commune performance with mimicked moves in a dance, or resonating vocals are wondrous.

Another difference would be practice. Although as an individual a creative genius can surprise people throughout his/her life, a troupe attains perfection with practice and the result is unbelievable.


Another cute revelation that occurred to me was that pretensions and lies make art more beautiful.

There might be no mushy art at all, and Pablo Neruda or Bryan Adams would not exist if expressing love and being in love were mere symptoms – prelude to acts of evolutionary importance, without involving the tedious dodging of the loved and the lover. The wink of the eye, hesitation of touch, joy in calling out the name would all sound stupid in the house of a ‘logic and reason buff’. But, art is gracious enough to provide sanctions to these pretensions and thus thrives great volumes of art and literature providing enough emotions to fill and swell ourselves with.

And its all about Love

Performing art might not communicate ideas efficiently, or melancholy deeply,for, it is designed by humans in collaboration with Nature to convey love. And that alone will see impeccable conveyance, beyond language, words, ethnicity or borders.

Love is diffusion, whereas Hate is osmosis, is what I sparked to say and it was as a result of my today’s spellbinding experience at the programme from a country as ancient, but vividly different from that of ours.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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