400 posts: A lovely log to reminisce

I finally am publishing this 400th post, after quite a lot of delay πŸ™‚ 
time taken for each of the 100 posts
And in this one, I am recollecting some of the nicest, funniest, memorable and thought provoking comments by some of you, which have made my blog richer and a valuable possession of mine.
These comments are in the increasing chronology of their occurrences in my blog.
lakshman said…
a brilliant statement made by a highly observant person.. it reflects the height of self assessment…AMAZING!!!!
 shreyansi said… 
oh yeah i remember poor thing but then also u dnt seem to change, ur such a stubborn gypsy i think u luv to hurt urself n shud hav mentioned abt ur habit of forgettin as well as avoiding things to the limit that even if vehicles run over ur foot u dnt mind isn’t it?
srilakshmi said…

Hey maverick, your ‘The India Quiz’ was so well orgnised that it kept the audience engrossed throughout. There was not a moment when we felt we were waiting for something. And the way you dissent makes the opposite side agree with you!

At the end of the day, it was JOB WELL DONE. Keep it going.
anu* said…

The one thing i know to be true is “Love and Hate are two sides of the same coin!” Hate is such a strong word that you can feel that much animosity against someone only if you once loved them that much… Love and Hate are perhaps the most painful feelings ever, where on one hand you’re on top of everest, and on the other, you’re falling down a bottomless pit! Extreme feelings are damaging so i suppose such feelings get compartmentalized into different intensities. Ayn Rand is truly great! [but i didnt exactly quote the same philosophy]


yeah i do agree with you….!!!
The real beauty is always invisible to the eyes…or i would like to say ” the essentials are always invisible to the eyes”.most people admire nature, but,a person’s admiration is unique when he finds a unique beauty in anything.”
……..    not all women can be beautiful (physically), but all can be charming… to find the charm in their eyes is a skill….!!!so the hidden beauty can be found only by the “skilled eyes”(the admirer)…!!!!so rightly said:
“Beauty beholds in the eyes of the admirer”

 $@ndhy@ said…

brilliant!!! -Sandhya & Pradeep

anupama said…If each of us truly listened to ourselves and set our own goals to realize, we would be least bothered about worthless issues like caste, creed etc. I feel that the eagerness to be accepted and fear of being shunned makes us endorse these issues blindly

Lakshmi said…
Raghu, not all do that. There r people who live just in wait of that love. A little feeling of specialness is felt only one is in love. I hope u agree to it. That feeling of specialness comes only when there is love… Love is not only for the life partners but it is beyond that… I would like recommend ma today’s blog to u… please go through…
Anirban Basak said…

I totally agree to wat u say… It reflects the world of today n how this delicate feeling is percieved..!! Good one.. ^_^

Vincentvikram said…

update: The LOve GUru admits to his act πŸ˜‰
Defends himself by saying they were wearing clothes(what a relief!!).

vaish said…
I totally agree with your view because I’ve seen live examples of people not being able to produce caste certificates since they couldn’t get the required documents from the tasildars and hence, not being eligible for the respective post. The ‘weaker society’ needs a desperate push to get past this problem which is the root cause for the decline in improvisation. If this is not addressed to right now, it is definitely going to take eons to revive the backward classes!
bharge said…
good one again as customary… simple things in life holds a bubble of happiness in the end… whether the hot chai/egg dosa in a road-side stall… or getting drenched in the rain (a personal favorite of mine), listening to the birds chirping, making others arnd us happy, etc… ppl shud def have a stop/pause button in their lives to come off their life on fast lanes, enjoy the lil things… we seem to forget though money is imp for a decent life, its not the most imp thing… after all, u can only be at one place at a time… and yes indeed, the taste u get out of the eatables in any road side shop will beat any 5-star hotels hands down… and thats the best thing about india… 
swathi said…
Hi Raghavendra, Adding onto your post, I don’t know is its related or not but thought its worth a mention. With experience sometimes we set experience because of simply dabbling onto an issue without knowing on what built it on.So what happens as days go by is, this(principles) sort of modifies.I am saying this as a novice, because I have done that mistake.So it evolves and becomes something better.
G.Suvetha said…
The Flora, The Fauna, The Fantasia and The Femina … What a rhythm ! Love & smiles..
Srilakshmi Jayaramappa said…
Sensible minds are hard to find, trust me! Many simply do not want to see the point.


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2 Responses to 400 posts: A lovely log to reminisce

  1. Keep it going, Maverick πŸ™‚

  2. anupama says:

    Thank You for bringing back to my mind what I had said at a time it was least expected

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