Cognizance of being better and above the system

I did try to come up with a smaller post title, but nothing could better encapsulate the idea I am trying to propose in this post.

The severe reverence people have come to give to the systems each one is being conditioned to is a matter of grave concern. The individual is intimidated of the system which he/she is a part of. By the virtue of systematizing and monopolizing institutions,the hegemony seeking enterprise holders have accomplished their mission.

I am not talking about Commercial enterprises, although they come inclusive of this argument. I am more so worried about the other social enterprises such as Religion, Education, Governance and even the system of ethics.

I have already questioned the validity of the religious institutions and the subduing behavior of individuals coming under a religious system in numerous posts of mine. What is more appalling, is the similar response individuals show towards the Education and Ethics systems.

Due to my lack of holistic experience, I shall confine myself to the scenario of Education and Ethics in India; In the Indian context, I do think that I’m adequately capable of critiquing the system, with more than 20 years of  conscious presence in this system.

The system of education does nothing better than narrow down the mental space of individuals with all its powerful, yet so blunt interactions with the individuals. Most students, still believe that exams are the ultimate objective of their education, and often even fail to think on the lines of applying the knowledge they might have absorbed in the process.
Narrowing down to the Engineering education in India, the irony starts with the term “Engineering” itself, as this system of education is nothing about engineering at all.

The word “engine” itself is of even older origin, ultimately deriving from the Latin ingenium (c. 1250), meaning “innate quality, especially mental power, hence a clever invention (wikipedia)

Whereas the current system on the contrary, is the most efficient ploy implemented to create the crudest mediocre work force for the ever blooming (?) Information and Technology Industry, that we Indians boast of.
The incentive for majority of students and their families still, to take up Engineering Education is to get employed in an MNC and earn above average wages.

As ironic and ridiculous the system of Education might seem, it somehow is well perceived in the society. Not just well perceived, but revered for some unknown enticement.

While, I can go on cribbing about the falsehood of the system, the most unfortunate thing about all of this contradiction is that the people who initially start as being part of the system, eventually become victims of it. Even after this victimization, people are oblivious of the perils in the system. They fail to see all the harm that has been done to them, and still go on to numbly bear it’s burden without rebelling against it.

There is a deep and distressful lack of cognizance amongst the individuals; A cognizance that they themselves are far better and well above the System; A system that is created to intimidate and dominate individuals…

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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