Facebook Republic Day!

Change your profile picture in tricolor theme; Post a futile status message saying “Happy Republic Day”, without knowing what a Republic is!; Get tens of likes from like minded “Patriots”; Talk about shallow nationalism for a day ; Try remembering the National heroes, as portrayed by the media; Most of all, enjoy the holiday – stay at home, or better rush to a shopping mall! 

Isn’t it a really nice way to commemorate the oblivion of a Republic India?

This sort of a superficial and occasional patriotism is what has rendered India to it’s current messy state.
Does this sort of occasional sense of pride and nationalism do any good at all? Aren’t we only trying to please ourselves, or our entourage by showing such shallow patriotism? We let go daily opportunities through the year, where we can excel as citizens, and only on a few occasions exalt in the name of patriotism.

Every time ‘We the People’, ‘celebrate’ the Republic Day, we must place a check on the extent of how much of a Republic we are.
A Republic gives heed to its citizens: Our Voice matters in a Republic. But, with every passing year, this national trait is eroding and will soon be met with oblivion, without any remorse.

It is alarming to observe a huge section of the society being happily complacent with the lack of Democracy in a Republic, and are self approvingly endorsing such hypocrisy, branded as nationalism.

If you are proud of your country, be so every second of your life, and transform that pride into efforts and actions, which will better the nation. Please stop this occasional hypocrisy!

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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3 Responses to Facebook Republic Day!

  1. Completely Agree!My Dad used to say – "how well you do your work is the respect/devotion/prayer/offering to whatever God you believe in. Lip service will not work. You actually have to involve yourself in your job".When I say that I do not feel any different or specially patriotic on Independence Day or Republic Day, some people look at me as though I am a traitor! I strongly belive patriotism must be demonstrated by excelling in your field and what difference your work has made to your country rather than just posting a shallow "happy Republic Day" or "liking" such status messages and having fun time in a pub or a mall later. Feeling of passion toward my nation is a continuous process for me.

  2. How do we inculcate this in the rest of the majority Sri!

  3. I really don't know, Maverick!

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