IDE-Ideating Development Environment

Well, the title might seem a little unnatural to the post, as has been the case for the recent few posts. Nevertheless, the content of this post does converge really well with my thoughts right now. I am contemplating the infrastructure and dependencies for an individual to ideate.

A frame of reference derived from the society, to gauge any work we do is the measure against which the society values our work.
Everything is relative when seen outside us. On the contrary, the value we give to our creations such as ideas/art/work from within is ‘absolute’, and at the zenith of the self evaluation scheme, unless, someone is bitten by an inferiority complex-inducing bug. 
Once these creations from within are let out, away from the creator, to the outside world, that is when the societal evaluation either degrades or betters the value of it, in a manner relative to the external frames of reference.

The challenge for an individual is to be immune to this external evaluation, both during the creation and after outputting the same.
There might be some instances when we do seek such references, and these must be in congruency with the quality and depth of the individual’s mind and character. Charlatanry would be the obvious weed, and one must grow to recognize and differentiate it.

Personally, I try never to look for, or look at the external frames of reference, while I churn out the best in me. Seeking inspiration from outside the individual is different from seeking recognition, even before creation. Always, I presume that any external frame of reference would stand intimidated within the realms of my ideation.
This mustn’t be interpreted as ego, or over-confidence: I can go on to say that there is nothing called as over-confidence; Confidence is one thing, we either have or don’t.
Never mind, talking further I have inculcated this trait in me consciously – To be oblivious of the frames of reference, and output my ideas in an independent manner.

I must admit that most of the times, the result is far superior than in comparison with the rest of the frames of references, whereas, there are a few instances which due to the inherent lack of multitudes of perceptions within one mind, end up being trivial. And, these are the conditions which seldom necessitate that we do consider the other frames of references, but restricted to a trusted diaspora.

PS: To understand this post better, think of the external frames of refernces as ‘mental apparatus’ of (people) minus (the individual).

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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2 Responses to IDE-Ideating Development Environment

  1. This is one of those posts of yours that required a second read 🙂 Good one, Maverick 🙂

  2. And such posts indicate the freest flow of my thoughts Sri 🙂

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