The Definitely Detached Diaspora

Urban life these days has turned out to be a haven for all of us, who are deeply engrossed in our own hectic schedules and overtime slogging at work, with almost zero concern towards all the other crucial proceedings in the society.

When I say the other crucial proceedings, I do not point at that the ‘Breaking News’ of the urban paparazzi; But, about the section of population that is beyond the margin of the elite vision, or the press and media, in the words of P.Sainath. I mean the real lot of people who are below all possible lines the elite could describe including the Poverty line.

The present state of our personal well being, as individuals is mostly a matter of chance – Circumstantially favored to have born in our families and in the amicable conditions of society that we are in. Imagine yourself in one rural corner of India, or in a tribe on a remote forest edge; I bet it would have taken a couple of lifetimes to struggle and reach the state we are in, in an upstream struggle also against the perfectly imperfect system.

When we do visualize scenarios such as these, it becomes important to place ourselves in these frames of reference and choose the roles we would want to play – Whether we would want to aggravate or neutralize the growing discontent and disparity.

We are that small diaspora of Indians who have had decent education, other basic and not so basic facilities at our disposal. Happy as we are in this kind of a secluded ambiance, it is also of prime importance that we should be the ones who will work and make the society grow even. We have the tools at our disposal- education, cognizance and a human network waiting to be used. These are the tools,which we can use with a little added effort and increased consciousness to bring some change in the conditions of the sections we have secluded ourselves from.

We have our excuses of being exhaustively utilized at our jobs and careers; And that is what the system wants you to do, so that you do not interfere with the flowing mechanisms of exploitations it has ployed around you, using you as a collaborator. By breaking out of the carapace of this seclusion, we can do small wonders if not major changes in the society as it is today.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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