Instincts vs Inhibitions

We can consciously ignore the fact that, there is still a lot of suppressed carnal instincts in us humans which have been, and will remain unquenched, or, we can deny it altogether under the mask of civilization.

By carnal instincts I refer to all the traits which are natural to the human beings, and of all of which only a few are openly given sanctity in the society, and by the society. The rest are suppressed as much as possible by placing the heavy weight of prejudices and superficial morality practiced by the society as a whole.

The constant and ubiquitous suppression of the natural human instincts, subsequently culminate to become a strong negative force from within the individual, increasing the animosity between the self and the rest of the world. When such is the case with respect to each of the individual, who is part of the society as a whole, the entire synergy between the two is lost.

At this verge, the individual and the society are facing each other in a diametrically opposite perception levels.

In almost every encounter of this kind the Individual has succumbed to the mounting pressure from the rest of all, and is subdued to live in an Inhibited state, without the gratification of having lived the way he/she wanted to!

But, there have been a few rare humans, who have stood up and against the system to claim that which the rest of the society has become consciously oblivious about. And when we do find such rarities we tend to disparage their worth and claim our cowardice to be superior than theirs.

In this struggle between the Real humans and the Pseudo humans, the pseudoers are left inexplicable and unattended, as the tribe of the Real heroes go surpassing in their journey, which is beyond the realms of comprehension of all the rest who are left behind….

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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