Flora, Fauna, Fantasia and Femina :)

Flora, Fauna and Femina : These are the three gifts bestowed by Mother Nature upon mankind. The aesthetic ecstasy and their sublimity are unparalleled experiences, which cannot be emulated by any human endeavor, but one – Fantasia.

An appropriate picture I found at this link 

While I was reading and responding to a friend’s blog post about Nature and Music, I realized if there is one means of human excellence that can reach up to the grandeur and satisfaction of the Nature’s three marvels, it is none but Music;
To achieve phonetic congruency I shall attribute music by calling it Fantasia.

Fantasia, or Music is that unique divinity which emanates out of the best of the creativity in the human population, which transcends to match the aura,grandeur and gratification rendered by Mother Nature. Although man has learnt music from Nature, this time undoubtedly the student did exceed his abilities.

Music is a subtle but strong force, which bonds oneself to the best of the things in the world.

I can go on about the august traits of this fantastic fantasia;
I have a dedicated post which I keep updating at intervals, after euphoric and revelatory experiences with music.

Ultimately, a life without The Flora, The Fauna, The Fantasia and The Femina – would become worthless 🙂

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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1 Response to Flora, Fauna, Fantasia and Femina :)

  1. G.Suvetha says:

    The Flora, The Fauna, The Fantasia and The Femina …What a rhythm !Love & smiles..

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