Decentralization and Redistribution

Decentralize and redistribute:
This should form the slogan; a slogan representing the need of the hour. The need being, a revolution which would enable the dis-empowered individual, while redistributing the concentrated powers from monopolies. Individuals as entities are losing the little bit of foothold and control over their lives, and are more so becoming functions of the elaborate plays by few corporations surrounding them.

Every field invaded by humans has now transformed into existences of monopolies alone, comprising of few individuals who are effortlessly,facilitated by the system, controlling and manipulating the rest of the population . A grim situation projecting a bleak future…

It has been well proven that, the salvation for the community from the clutches of this exploitative system would come only by “Elaborate Decentralization for uniform Redistribution”.

Models like the Free Software Movement, where the individuals and the togetherness play important roles in producing quality work, generating alternatives to the monopoly products in the society are to be emulated on wider scales, with necessary modifications applied to the different fields of application.
This empowers the individuals, and adds the community spirit: A holistic feeling, instead of the ever increasing antagonism between the lucky few and the not-so-lucky rest of us.

Another, important alternate means manifested in today’s world is empowering individuals in the media and information domains. Wikipedia, Open libraries and blogging have increased the unbiased spread of information in an almost ideal manner, without getting constrained by influences of any other aristocracy or bureaucracy.

Blogging, particularly has increased the disemination of personal opinions, and formulation of unbiased community opinions so that people can still make themselves heard in the deafening chaos of the paid news and media frenzy.

We need to tackle all aspects of the monopolized perils in the society. Individuals having their role to play in the formulation of the community facet is the need of the hour. If things are left with the monopolies and the certain elite, it is going to worsen and the individual as such is going to remain the silent puppet in the hands of the system, while the system is busy exploiting us.

Decentralize and redistribute!

Applying a comprehensive approach with elaborate planning and meticulous execution, with the above principle as the motive behind is what is required for the genuine betterment of the things all around us.
A little freudcheying on these lines will help for sure….

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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