Oblivious to growing up?

We all have ideas about us being grown-ups. Not many times we can remember well as to what we wanted to become, like in my case, as in the case of many of you.

I am not exactly talking about the profession each of us wanted to grow into, but about the way we would go on to be percieved in the society by the virtue of our personalities. This, I bet has been non-convergent to most of us, for, the immense possibilities which we were unaware of while younger have surfaced subsequently, and we have endorsed a lot of many of them in the due course of our growth until today.

Okay, why am i suddenly getting all retrospective and nostaligic?

That’s because, recently I happened to have a serendipitious encounter with a bunch of my old mates on a social networking site and also happened to meet one of the recent old mates. On the realms of such encounters, you suddenly seem to see the reflections of your past in them, which you have grown over. A hint of my older being, when seen through them is surprising, for I seem to have forgotten some bit of me and it is nice to witness the growth, or as I call Evolution through the frozen perceptions of others.

Now, I begin to wonder, if things will be the same with respect to my today’s being in about a decade. Will I have the same oblivion about today then? May be or may not be.

The best thing of life is the beauty of the present, while the grandeur of the unseen future is beckoning at us, with sweet past memories in the background. And when you are able to relate to all the three phases of time with a personality which hasn’t stopped getting better, there’s nothing more to the being of being what we are!

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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