Tall Wall of Shames!

Scandals and corruption have become so common these days, that there is little of remorse or guilt in the vandals involved in these embezzlements. A project undertaken and executed in an honest manner, has ironically become a rarity, and seems like an abnormality. Malicious money making has become the only goal riding on the wicked minds of these leeches (this comparison is a disgrace to the leeches I believe!), who easily suck out people’s money, to fill their bottomless greed basket.

With so much corruption in the system, it has almost become impossible to see a single clean project being implemented. Politicians, officials and all the people associated with a project seem to claim stakes in the funds of the project, as if it is their right!

When the legal system is as weak and disoriented as in India, there is not much prevention that can be done, to curb such atrocious actions by these avaricious and selfish syndicate of goons!

There is no point mentioning only the headline making scandals like the BMIC, mining scandals in Karnataka, or the 2G spectrum row, or the shameful Common Wealth Games’ infrastructure mishandling; for, almost every large scale project being undertaken here is either inferior than the supposed quality, or is costlier, or both. The lethargic approach towards projects of such import is another addendum to this perverse saga of fiascoes.

It is a matter of utmost shame, embarrassment and anguish for each and every responsible citizen of India, to have to bear with this amount of open corruption. Adding to this deep anguish is the manipulative media, who change course of the volatile public opinion as required by them, in a manner guided by the culprits themselves (where are the breaking news or exclusive reports  about fresh scandals like 2G/IPL rows now!).
But, nothing can hurt more than the failing legal system, which repeatedly flops in its actions, again succumbing to the influence of power.

Living in such a bleak and grim situation, there is little hope for an individual to fight for his/her rights.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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3 Responses to Tall Wall of Shames!

  1. bharge says:

    its a problem when u have politicians infiltrating each and every aspect of life… be it education, law, sports, etc… its a bigger problem when the real motive behind having a prestigious event such as CWG in the country is to make tons and tons of money as well as promoting ur relative/friend's companies and filling up their coffers…the people who can do something about it (the media) have their own biases… and make sure they just show one side of the coin while hushing the other one under the carpet…the common man in india has a pretty bad EQ… for a week all we talk about is the news item flashing but we tend to forget it after a while… there may not be hope for the individual but as a group, all is not lost yet… yet again, how many of us would wanna get into the gutter to be a politician or into law…

  2. You've rightly pointed out that as individuals we are little equipped to tackle the fallibilities in this system. A rational group of people should involve in Politics to do our part in cleansing this dirty sewer that it is today…

  3. vinu_guru1 says:

    frist of all we must ack that corruption is there in our day to day life for eg if a child cries we just give a candy to silence the kid , in turn if we pause a min and see why the kid is crying it may be due to hunger . this is how corruption starts creating hungier pople like kalmadi

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