Mass Media-aaaah!

The power of print media, with it’s far reach and deep impact, in the form of press, books and newspapers needn’t be questioned at all.

Since the times of Gutenberg, print media has been a crucial tool in the making of every epochal event in the History of Mankind. It continues to play an important role till date. But, with the advent of other forms of media the “Mass appeal” of print media has unfortunately, in a substantial manner subsidized and has acquired a new trait to it.

So, whom are we attributing by the term Mass Media in today’s paparazzi prone paranoid society?

We’ll try to answer the above question in a more elaborate manner, with the routine interrogatives:  What? Why? Who?


Mass media, today, collectively comprises of the innumerable means, fluently used to accomplish ‘extensive misappropriation of facts, fabrication of stories, inclusion of cheap gimmicks and not to forget the chatterbox characters’,chewing out stereotype hype for every “Breaking News”, which in most cases is plain gibberish.

The Television with it’s hundreds of News-Entertainment channels, and the Internet have, YES, as the cliché goes: Revolutionized the world!

With such drastic revolution, they put the print media’s existence under threat; And the print media faced with this option to survive, wholeheartedly has endorsed this syndrome and now is now a derivative of today’s plague-like Mass Media.

So, I converge to a definition where Print media, Television and Internet together form the vicious Mass media in today’s world, which the masses are supposed to beware of, instead, the masses have taken them to be the references for their lives.

Now, from a retrospective arrival at today’s ingredients of the Mass media, we can analyze the character of this collective entity.


We are being fed with major proportions of negativity, anxiety and futility in the form of news and entertainment from the previously described sources of Mass Media.

Why are they doing that?

Because, we seem to like it. Or maybe, they have made us start liking it.
Just like an addiction: You instigate and initiate, it will self sustain. The same is true about media,when it comes to the question as to why it feeds us little of the Good, and most of the Bad and the Ugly. Look at all the unnecessary importance given to the Breaking news, reality shows and the paparazzi updates forever on these.


If I own lots and lots of  money, and I am an influential person in the society, and if it also happens that I own a print or media channel( like it is in the case of many), I would use it as an implement to facilitate my activities: A secure carapace.

This is what 90% of the media channels are being used for today. Either a bureaucrat or a politician, running one media or print channel, uses it efficiently to strengthen or misguide the position of himself, or of some real close ‘buddies’ of theirs, at the expense of factual truth.

Lack of responsibility and ethics in information dissemination has been the vice in the voice of the today’s glossy media.

As an appropriate conclusion to this post, I recollect Dr. Kalam’s words about the role of media:

“Unless media emphasizes on the positivity in daily life, rather than accentuating negativity, and unless media becomes the voice of the rural, the poor and the downtrodden, today’s media can never be called as “Mass Media”!

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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