Team STUDSAT: The Journey so far…

In Kannada, the regional language of Karnataka, we say ” Moorthi Chikkadaadaroo, keerthi Doddadu”, which is a proverb. It means, although an entity is physically timid, the reputation and fame of it are sky high!

This is the most appropriate attribution to STUDSAT: India’s first “Pico Satellite”. A satellite, which is miniature in size, but as complex as its bigger counterparts. Now, that you are all also aware that it is an undergraduate student project, it might culminate to the point as to why it is so very special to the Indian Space and Student communities.

After, more than two years since it’s conception, it has been brought into reality.

I would not digress too much into how we reached this point, for it is all over our site I would like to reveal the assimilation of skills each one of us has had throughout this process.

This being a Space Project and because we were literally dealing with “The Rocket Science”, we have learnt innumerable concepts, technologies and sciences. This was a continuous process, wherein, we would pick up skills on demand basis, and execute the task, and then switch over to the next. At the end of the day, as residue we have retained precious layers of technical skills, which, wouldn’t have been possible if we weren’t members of such a team.

Given that we had to get our technical skills honed, there were other crucial tasks which each of us inculcated. From developing good managers, to good marketing persons, to excellent diplomats, to outstanding orators, to creative geniuses; we’ve seen all of these emanate from within the technical core of team mates.

We have grown to have a rapport which manifests the ideal interactions between team mates to get a project done.Not to forget the fun trips we’ve had and relentless night-outs in the clean room, R&D centre and the ground station.

With so much pressure now with the launch, and the media, we still feel unchanged except that we’ve grown a lot better, We’ve all given parts of ourselves to the First Indian Pico Satellite, and at this proud instant of time we feel humbled and over joyed…

Jai Hind !

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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