e-machined and e-networked!

A day without today’s gadgets and the cyber ‘social’ network seems almost impossible to cope up with.

A couple of days ago, I had forgotten to carry my cell phone and the repercussions of that act of amnesia are being felt even today 😀

These gadgets have deeply penetrated into our lives, percolating to reach the very core of our being.

There are different levels of dependencies manifested by each of us, at different periods of our lives. Allow me to analyze myself in this context, and you might well feel very related to these description of events.

When I was 10, maybe that’s when the craze for the first of the gadgets had started(for our generation): Hand held video games were hitting the market, and like everyone I too owned one, and eventually lost ‘myself’ in it. Taking it to the next level were the TV video games; I remember two novice: me and my cousin shopping for it with a few hundred rupees, going to distant places ( when you’re twelve,going alone for 5 km is really far!).Then, within an year or two, computers were getting ubiquitous, and computer gaming in the Cyber Parlours, paying 40 bucks for one hour of Roadrash and Skyroads caught me up. I could never get enough of it, and spent almost all the pocket money on gaming.  Then, there was also the advent of internet, chat, mail and the natural progression into some obscure cyber fantasies (which seem to make sense now!). 

These days, kids are much more ‘gadgety’: I’ve known three year olds who fluently operate computers and use combination of remote controllers to operate their satellite TV!

And, today, when we are living lives,in a manner as if we were driving on the fast lane, these gadgets and cyber space play the roles of both friends and foes to us, simultaneously.

Recently, there was a statistic in the newspaper saying netizens spend about 2 hours per day social-networking,and I wasn’t surprised, for, my own average time on the social networks, including blogging and microblogging would easily exceed two hours.

Personally, a day without cellphones,computers, internet,music player,digital camera,and other e-gadgets give a feeling of isolation and detachment from the rest of the world (I guess this is what all philosophies have been craving for:P)

At the same time, this extent of intervention by these distractions has reduced the quality of personal interactions,and has made a drastic impact on the relationships between people,making them hyper sensitive and vulnerable.

These e-things have invaded too much into our lives, well beyond the threshold, up to the extent that now, there are friendly robots being manufactured to share our emotions with, and a few to which you can make love to!

As, portrayed in numerous Hollywood flicks like The Matrix, Bicentennial Man, iRobot, we might have to face such situations if we do not get detached from this extra e-bondage.

For now, we are all stuck together with the e-glue!

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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