The Mad world of mostly Bad Ads!

Off late, although my TV viewing has drastically fallen, I am aggravated for the little duration I manage to watch it.

No guesses. Yes, I am irritated by the silly,pointless commercial ads, and the havoc creating stupid media and news.

Ads can be funny, creative and entertaining, but never should they make you feel stupid or antagonize you with the products.
Let me take you through one of the good ones. The biggest winner here has been the Vodafone Zoozoo campaign: Cute and appealing; It did work a magic for Vodafone to overcome the charisma of the ever following Pug of Hutch fame. Also, there are other good ones from Nokia, Airtel, Mercedes, Toyota, and few others. Kudos to them 🙂

When such innovations are possible, there are also these ever-increasing disgusting/silly/soft head ads:

  • Pepsi’s latest with Sanjay Dutt and Ranbir Kapoor: Yuk! That’s the only thing I can say about it. Zero brains, Ain’t even funny, just repulsive. This for a brand like Pepsi, who had had MJ as their brand ambassador is embarrassing.
  • The Gamut of Men’s body spray ads, which depict these sprays to be ‘THE APHRODISIAC’, with flocks of women being seduced by just spraying these is ridiculous, and doesn’t do an good to sell their products. AXE did it as an exaggeration and marketed it frivolously, but the rest who followed presumed it to be the fact and have gone foolishly doing it more piously!
  • Irrelevant Eroticism to sell basic products speaks volumes about the perception of these brands about the consumers! Look at Close-Up’s recent campaign- “Makes you kiss” they say! Also, the Aamsutra tag for Slice’s Mango juice with an enticing Katrina. Futile!
  • India not Racist: Come on, who said that! Look at all your skin cosmetics ads. They have been consistently, over decades, depicting that people with dark complexion cannot achieve their ‘dreams’ and you ought to be ‘fair’ and ‘ lovely’ or ‘fair to be handsome’. In this context, one of my friends said, “If India isn’t conscious about skin color, why don’t we have a product called “Dark & Lovely” “. This is a profound issue, because kids are most influenced by TV and much more by the impulsive Ads. With such dogmatic ads incessantly shown on TV, kids are prone to think , Skin fairness only wins, and not being fair in actions!

I could go on recollecting all the nonsensical ads which are ruining the perception of people, fooling them with hoaxical  and digressing facts, no true facts about the products, mind you!

The so called ‘Celebrities’ should be more responsible in their endorsing of brands and the ads they are a part of. But, as the ultimate culprit stand the consumers, or the general public for having given such an identity for themselves, where manufacturers treat them like nut-cracks with zero IQ.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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