Well… That don’t impress me much :)

While talking to a colleague at work about the latest Ubuntu release, he happened to say that he had already started liking it, and it was tough to get him hooked onto any particular thing. 

I immediately started correlating to this trait in me, and how that people or things  I’m passionate about aren’t anything close to be being just mediocre- They are the best!

Take for instance, A R Rahman in Indian music, Bryan Adams for his strings and lyrics in the western music, Sigmund Freud for his research, Bhagat Singh and Che Guevara for their revolutionary ideas, Ayn Rand for her philosophy, Swatantra Software in technology, and at personal level – all the people I am intimate with are the best in their own realms 🙂

I do not know if I’m subconsciously conscious about this, or I happen to get so lucky. But, after deep analysis I cannot deny the fact that propositions in terms of people and everything else approaching me need to be more than just mediocre to appeal to and impress me. 

By saying this, I am implicitly conveying that, I too am more than just mediocre, or, should I add a pinch of vanity to it, and say, more like – tending towards being ‘The Best’ in whatever I do 🙂

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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