Language,Script and Dialects: Allegory to the Human journey

One of the most fascinating things we humans have unconsciously formulated and actualized, whose origin and development keeps us even now intrigued is ‘Language, Script and Dialects’.

Hypothesizing about the origin of, let alone Languages, but of individual words itself is deeply engrossing. Imagine how the words which each of us have been using generously have come to be!
It makes one wonder about the this marvelous  journey we humans have tread,to have come this far together.

There is more amazement to impact us when we start analyzing the origin and perpetuation of scripts with letters, fonts and grammar!
These are the insignia of our instincts pushing us towards collective progress.

Dialects throw insight into the individuality of every small section of us, by attributing a tinge of the local culture to the language itself, and making it a pleasant variation of the basic language.
In India especially, the dialects are numerous and add value to the diverse culture India has inherited from ages.

As I have mentioned in the post caption – Language, Script and Dialects are the best storytellers, who have inescapably preserved the most preciously assimilated proofs of the extraordinary odyssey of our evolution into complex social beings.

PS: View the List of languages by number of native speakers

(source: wikipedia)

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A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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