nc2010-Day 2 and the "Free Software Movement of India"

All good things come to an end, so has the National Conference on Free Software-2010, but not without overwhelming everyone involved with its results and by itself.

The crux for organizing the conference on this scale of grandeur was basically to spread the word of Free Software, and another crucial reason was to try and bring a National identity to the regional movements. As mentioned in my previous post, “Free Software Movement of India(FSMI)” has been formed to channelize the regional efforts without losing the regional foothold of the individual movements. Sixteen different activist groups from all across India now will be networked to each other through the platform provided by FSMI, mainly to substantiate our efforts while addressing issues of national importance and regional interests. This is the most important result which has emanated from the Conference, and will become an epochal event in the history of Free Software Movement in India. This result is also important for the manner it was arrived at: A unanimous decision with full endorsement from all the groups 🙂

Time for a bit of self appraisal now: About the sessions and other activities, I might have to dedicate individual posts for just briefing about individual sessions and the speakers. These sessions were of such high intellectual content and of social importance that, I now regret that we shouldn’t have had any parallel tracks, and that every session should have been given individual slots!(although it is highly impossible with numerous constraints in play)

Also, I who was personally responsible for conducting few sessions was slightly worried about the delays and small confusions because of technical glitches and multiple venues, which I also understand are unavoidable. But, there’s always scope for improvement.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, when the impact of the conference is felt like an embracing wave of warmth,with appreciation pouring in ubiquitously, all the small errors get trivial, fatigue vanishes and we feel rejuvenated to buckle up and do something more. In this regard, the valedictory session was touching, wherein all the efforts by every activist were recognized and appreciated.

This conference has been the richest experience to each of us involved: in organizing, volunteering and participating in it. The conference has been successful in propelling the standards and extending the boundaries of every individual in all facets of him/her in being a Free Software enthusiast.

With more responsibilities and a broader vision now, FSMK along with all the peer groups from across India in the form of FSMI will try to do everything in our power to turn the ‘unfreedom’ into ‘freedom’.

PS: More sections of the event

AC3 Photography Exhibition
AC3 GIMP artist Mani’s graphical paintings
Books 🙂 Great content

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