Making of the "National Conference on Free Software-2010"

Conceptualized before less than three months, initially facing skepticism from every direction “National Conference on Free Software” is now a reality, which is happening from tomorrow at the Jnana Jyothi Auditorium, Bengaluru.

If there has been one thing which hasn’t depleted, but has grown immensely in the past few weeks is the undaunted passion of all the activists from FSMK. A National Conference at a magnanimous scale like this,with about 1500 participants expected over the two days, studded with the best people in the arena has been brought into reality by a bunch of passionate enthusiasts with boundless support from all the associated.

The distinguishing factor between any other National Conference and this National Conference on Free Software is that:We, the FSMK activists are no full-timers, as in philosophically we are eternally associated, but, when it comes to our time and resources, we aren’t.  We are all either working professionals or students who have been dedicating our free time to this passionate endeavor, not out of compulsion but driven by the drive to do it 🙂

Immense efforts have flown into the conference, and is continuing to flow, on an hour to hour basis, and we have been able to reach out with the news of conference and awareness of Swatantra Software through our vivid run-up events to no less than 3000 people, which includes students, professionals,teachers and not to miss the common people! Out of which a turn out of at least 1500 people is expected 🙂

With equal importance being given to the “Freedom technology” and more importantly to its “impact on the society”, it will definitely leave an impact on the audience, which might easily alter the paradigm of their perception of “technology and Society as a whole”.

Thanks for all the efforts and support each of you have lent in making this happen. Hope it will perpetuate 🙂

Free Software is the future,
The future is ours!

PS: This is the Conference theme T-shirt, which you can purchase at the FSMK stall during the conference 🙂

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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