God,Men and Godmen ;)

God: An effigy,symbolizing all the aspirations of every individual’s ultimate fantasies,like omnipotence,omnipresence and omniscience. 
God has been,and still grows to be an insignia,which we weaklings want to look up to, and feel assured that there’s an invisible divine power taking care of us, so that we can happily  shrug away from the responsibilities of our own.

Men: By men, here, i include all humans, including the better half of the world 😉 We,the people, are the puppets with consciousness, who till our end do not realize the purpose of life, and spend lives chasing futility wrapped and presented to us in the name of God, religion and hollow spirituality.

Godmen: Shrewed opportunists, who take advantage of an advantageous situation offered to them. They are not to be blamed at all,these are the people who are enlightened. Yes, they are enlightened about the stupidity of people, and, they proceed to do the appropriate.

The interactions between the above three,in today’s world is the farthest digression from the natural and instinctual cravings of humans in all ways.
It professes irony, and practices paradoxical perturbations, to push people into delusion and an almost ubiquitous paranoia, which ultimately people fail to recognize.

Conclusion, with a caption:

Is it,
“God save the world of men!”
or,should it be 
“Save the world from God, men and Godmen :P”

(Can be a good T-shirt quote!!!)

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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5 Responses to God,Men and Godmen ;)

  1. bharge says:

    I definitely do agree on this… Looks like we pick up only the wrong things from movies… Cant forget Kamal's dialogue from Anbe Sivam — "You can believe the one who believes in god as well as the one who doesnt… but never believe the one who goes around saying I AM GOD"What is truly disturbing is the fact that despite having the likes of premananda, nithyananda, etc showing the true face of godmen, ppl still dont realize what they are for…

  2. While the "swami's" actions were not surprising, it is interesting how the media times the release with the announcement of the anti-people budget. Redirects the peoples' attention and anger doesn't it?

  3. @ VV: Agreed. Media and public welfare, or issues of relevance are always out of sync. No wonder they manifested the same even this time!

  4. update: The LOve GUru admits to his act ;)Defends himself by saying they were wearing clothes(what a relief!!).

  5. Actually he also made a statement saying he wouldn't experiment with things which the society considers to be abnormal for the ones like him!What an idea sirji!!!

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