Non Conformities to Standards and its genealogy

Rules and regulations, law and order, another ‘n’ number of standards and all the other collectively denominating factors seeking to bring order amidst the natural chaos in society are, by virtue of their existence ineffective and irrelevant. There can be nothing on this earth that can be imposed absolutely on people by people, and further seeking their compliance to it is absurd.

All the uniformities observed amongst us is instilled in our nature by Mother Nature. One such important trait present in our nature is the definite tendency not to conform to any artificially induced attempts of collective and common groundings.

Yet, another irony of the system called civilized society is, it incessantly is engaged in a counter-effective manner trying to bring repelling dissimilarities of individuals together.

Chaos is the only Universal law, and we being a part of this chaos, cannot strive against the ‘whole’ of which we are a part of. And,if we do try bringing together people of varied levels of skills and talents to conform and comply with a common axiom, it is similar to the net effect of resistances in parallel: The effective quality of such a herd would be lesser than the least;)

We are at full throttle of our potentials when left untamed and uninfluenced by the frivolous etiquette of the society…

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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