"The Surpise Politics": A book review

Politics by Adam Thirlwell is the latest book I have completed reading. It has been a surprise read for me, all the way starting from why I bought it, to how it culminated into one intriguing but entertaining novel.

I was at the Book Festival for the second consecutive day in Bangalore, and was looking for some political literature. Then I spotted this book – “Politics”. I was in a hurry then, so I quickly read the cover page reviews and the gist, which had mentions of Stalin, Lenin, Mao and Hitler. Then I thought, it must be a political comedy. So, I bought it.
When I started reading the novel, I was taken aback by the first chapter with its meticulous details of the complex sexual act two of the protagonists were engaged in. But, what surprised me more was the minds of the persons involved in the act, which the author effortlessly and convincingly projects to the readers.
The novel is like watching a Woodey Allen type Ménage à trios, with certain extra details 😉 It is an interesting read, for, the author also brings out the most subtle and most deeply hidden emotions onto paper by his witty articulation. I liked the book for its freshness and innovative writing, apart from feeling that all the three characters are bits and pieces of us, which each of us can relate to.

 The title if interpreted after reading the book would be “Politics of Love and the intricate dependencies”

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A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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