My critique at the World

One of my close friends, who regularly reads my blog posts mentioned to me that most of the content in the blog was either criticizing or discussing the negativity prevalent in the society. That was a revelation to me!
I, then spent some time introspecting and analyzing, and it was true, although I have being doing it involuntarily.
The reason for me to be critical is because,I do not believe that we need to look only at the positive side of everything, ignoring the negatives,and I argue this is not pessimism either. I believe our life is a journey fueled by constant and continued efforts towards making ourselves better,by working on our negatives and flaws, at the same time sustaining the positives within us.
With this belief as the principle behind my actions, I naturally tend to be critical when observing people and events around me. By criticizing I am not intending at snubbing or disregarding the matters/people under discussion,but, I am seeing them in my perspective, wanting them to get better.
Although, I myself have declared that people never change, there has been a trait of mine which has not yet given up on this.
Change of people and circumstances for good, can sometimes be accomplished by criticizing and hinting at what I believe is to be right. And, in a few of my posts I only make a modest attempt at this.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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