Politics: The filthy game of high stakes

I tried a lot not to get this post on my blog. But, the current affairs of the state have forced me to.

I have always tried not to bother too much about the Government and its ridiculous flaws. Because, it is very depressing. I have come to believe-India is undoubtedly the largest democracy, but also the one demonstrating all the inherent flaws of this system more prominently than its positives.

Corruption, dishonesty,recklessness,disinterest towards people and their needs, exploitation of people for political gains, rowdism, embezzlement of Government funds, and all the offenses you can think of when a greedy animal aspires of power and gets there!

For instance, the disgraceful feud between the former Prime Minister of India and the present Chief Minister of Karnataka. They are both equally involved in huge scams which the entire people know, without having to prove any of them. On the top of this,they are using abusive language on each other in public and in front of media! Such a shame and disgrace.

It is highly unfortunate to put up with a system like this. If one complains about this, the challenge imposed on you is to enter the system and better it!

I don’t agree that it is possible. The system now has this malice in its genes, it will be the same until and unless the system itself is renovated.And for the system to be renovated, it requires a strong antidote.

I’d strongly recommend at least a decade of Reign by a passionate Idealist(yes, i am suggesting a benevolent dictatorship)to bring the system on the right track. I see all of this changing only when a radical change like what i mentioned will occur.

With lack of patriotism and greed all over them, most of the politicians are consuming the lives and livelihoods of people like fuel to run their malicious bureaucracy in this primarily flawed democracy.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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