Lectures on Indian Philosophy by an erdudite scholar :)

As part of our FSMK( http://fsmk.org/ )Study Group activities, 4 lectures on Indian Philosophy, Politics and Social Ethics were organized. The speaker was an erudite scholar Dr. Vijaykumar. He is a doctorate holder in Indian Philosophy, and interestingly his Thesis work was on Ethics of Mahabharata. These sessions took place at the Ambedkar Community Computing Centre in Bangalore-http://slumdweller.wikispaces.com/

We got acquainted with the rich and deep philosophical heritage of India,assimilated from ages. I also realized the importance of the Vedas in our Indian context.We spoke extensively about the conceptualization of Gods,religions,various schools of thought,family systems, politics and their influence on the current scenario of the Indian society. The flaws in our society which have perpetuated from the ancient times to-day were debated including the Varna(casteism), patriarchal society, capitalistic imperialism, religious mandate for the governments, division of laborers, economic disparity, inequality to women at all fronts including politics, gender bias,the false reprehension depicted towards sex in common lives,and many other hyper-critical issues haunting our rich society today,which are threatening it’s perpetuation.

The solutions to these issues were also touched upon emphasizing the importance of roles of individuals and NGO’s,and more importantly participation of the victims themselves in Politics to gain control over their circumstances.

These lectures have been enlightening to me, by throwing light upon various minute but critical issues plaguing our society. I shall consider this to be the first step towards my continual understanding of our system, so that I can comprehensively come up with my personal ideas and solutions to tackle these issues.

PS: Below is an image of the intriguing but sensible Indian symbols.

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