Stratum 2: ‘Premature dotage’ driven ‘Absurd Chauvinism’

(Second post in my post series “The Question is Why!”,11 Nov,2009)

Dotage:Feebleness or imbecility of understanding or mind,particularly in old age;
Chauvinism:Blind and absurd devotion to a fallen leader or an obsolete cause; hence, absurdly vainglorious or exaggerated patriotism.

I guess,the above definitions pretty much clears the clog of the post title(If at all there was one!).

I wonder how people find so many absurd reasons to channelise their efforts and time,instead of concentrating on the quintessential issues.I shall be expressing my views about the futile ‘show of strength‘,and ridiculous opposition to logical scenarios by certain sects.

We have all been witnesses to the recent Linguistic upheaval a particular Chauvinistic group(instigated by a couple of their (mis)’leaders’) is creating in Maharashtra. This isn’t the only place in India where we can witness such atrocities. Linguistic Chauvinism is the very burning issue,which is a reason for a perennial under current between various neighboring states in India,as an example the infamous Karnataka-TamilNadu conflicts.

When issues such as Linguistic Chauvinism snowball,and grow demonically impeding the progress of the nation,or the betterment of the society,I wonder what goes on in the minds of the mislead mob-We,the people!

It is unfortunate to see regular manifestations of such insane instances,of which we are an equal part of. There are a million other issues,of hugely immense consequences to be dealt with rather than cribbing and quarreling over language or caste or creed,or any other trivial issue.

Encouraging a Language or culture will not happen by protesting and releasing provocative statements.A personal suggestion To promote a language-Endorse and help in the growth of Literature by Promoting writers,Subsidising books,inspiring students by Literary fests and not by polluting their minds by political meetings.

We still are a proud Developing country,and I guess we have grown comfortable with this excuse for leading a mediocre life in an average and imbalanced society. Let us concentrate our efforts and resources in breaking out of this secure but shameful carapace. We are all the culprits,and we should do our part in this already late atonement.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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