Apheresis -An experience never to be forgotten

Although I have previously donated blood four times at various donation camps,today was my first experience in a Hospital for immediate administration to a recipient in need…

Today,I donated Platelets from my blood by a process called “Apheresis”,using a cell separator… The process takes around 100-120 minutes….About 150 ml of blood is drawn out every time from the body in around 5-6 cycles,and the cell particles in blood are separated into plasma,RBC’s,WBC’s and platelets,like in a centrifuge… Platelets along with some plasma is collected into a bag,while the rest of the particles are administered back into the body…

I felt a weird,tingling sensation in my lips and finger tips,which later I came to know was because of Citrate included in the blood in the cell separator… The best personal physiological sensation was when all the plasma was being administered back into my body-Then I could feel every blood vessel within,as if a mild current were passing through them…It was exhilarating…

And finally,the brave family of the recipient, and their kind words to me were more than precious….

Wishing her a quick recovery from my side…

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5 Responses to Apheresis -An experience never to be forgotten

  1. swathi says:

    congrats on your good deed ! Words of appreciation from the family must have made you feel good !

  2. Yes…They have been very generous with their words in acknowledging my help…And today noon,the recipient has been shifted to general ward from ICU.. She is recovering fast,they said…

  3. srilakshmidj says:

    Oh good. I had not heard of this process before…. Good job šŸ™‚

  4. @Sri: Thank you…Hope U'd try it out once(I assume you are >55kgs ;))

  5. srilakshmidj says:

    no, you got it wrong! i weigh lesser šŸ™‚

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