Wish I were ‘Lost Into the Wild’

Rarely,has a movie been capable of soothing your senses and instigating your mind simultaneously…. One such impact was delivered by this serene but profound Biographical movie about the adventures of of Christopher McCandless.

The movie reaches out to you in a manner which is more than just an experience… Every frame is a meticulously taken picture, every emotion is profound and reaches out to you in an appealing way… The dialogues and conversations are highly idealsitic,but proven by the man himself as pragmatic too…

The best scenes are when a casual chat in a bar with a companion and the protagonist about ‘people’ turns into a real outburst of frustration,which i personally felt that we all have within us but are hypocritical about…

The next favorite scene is when the rubber tramp calls Alex-Are you a Jesus or something !!!, for his simple but deep analysis of the rubber tramps problem…

It is a master piece of sorts,but not belonging to the conventional lots…

But more than anything, when I think that it is the life of a man which has been portrayed, I felt all the more close to the character,and distanced from myself….
The weak human bonds, the false truths, the hypocrisy, the herd-like competition, the hatred towards the self and the fellow beings-all these make our lives futile…

I just wonder there is so much within us which is never expressed at all,and we perish unfulfilled,haunting ourselves through life ,and to death…

Live the moment to the fullest-is the best philosophy in the world…. Ironically, we have made it the toughest one to follow also…

Pic :Christopher McCandless in his camp on the Stampede Trail (self-portrait found undeveloped in his camera after his death)

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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