The power of thought

People close to me must have heard me say often-The worst of all laziness is the laziness to think.
Just this feeling of someone being reluctant even to think makes me furious. It isn’t that I am talking about some fictitious characters,but unfortunately I have happened to know a few of these antagonising creatures.The worst part is that,they don’t even realise that someone is trying to convey something important to them.The paradoxic reason again being the problem itself-they don’t think….
In Stephen Covey’s book-7 Habits of Highly Effective People, he mentions that no person can be changed without his consent, as each person guards a gate,which we need to open and enter to change them…

I say, beyond this gate is the mind, and the gate itself could be a prejudice or a belief. The process of opening the gate is inquisition and thinking.

Now, for our specimen under consideration, the most unfortunate thing is he doesn’t seem to know that he is guarding a gate or at the first place has something beyond that gate which is worth guarding.

Until now,in various instances I have wasted lots of my valuable efforts in trying to convey something which should have been very natural to them….I need to devise a better way of tackling this problem…

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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2 Responses to The power of thought

  1. shravan says:

    are u referring to sharad???? lol!!!

  2. Hmm…If i hadn't worked with him,i might have thought that way… But,he was good buddy with the necessary thinking acts for the project… So, definitely not him… šŸ™‚

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