Regions of Congruency of political views between Hitler and myself

Since long time,I’ve had many complaints and dissatisfactions with the way any democratic parliamentary government runs and,also in the way it is formed….
Although in principle it is-people ruling themselves,I wasn’t convinced with the system and its operation…. There were many other flaws forming lacunae, which I wasn’t able to formulate entirely….

Now, recently I have started reading Mein Kempf ,and when I was reading the chapter on Hitler’s political views,the inability of my mind to formulate my complaints were very well quenched with the extensive analysis(which is very convincing)presented by him…

  • Using the concept of majority in making decisions as a protection for their own ignorance and cowardice, and also as a means of shrugging responsibility and accountability by the politicians…
  • The paradoxic efforts being made to make the stratum of our leaders ‘as mediocre as possible’….
  • The genre of dim wit, but good convincers becoming successful politicians…
  • The lack of expertise amongst the decision making faculty about the subjects of national importance
  • The desire not to vote.Reason being-my principles do not match either with the to be elected member or his party…
  • And undoubtedly,a huge compromise to be made-our country’s progress….

By saying these,although I whole heartedly endorse Hitler’s views, the solution what he sought for wasn’t the least good thing to be done…

I am still in deep thinking-as to what the solution could be !

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A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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4 Responses to Regions of Congruency of political views between Hitler and myself

  1. srilakshmidj says:

    Although not very relevent here I would like to share this fact.Many people do not exercise their franchise (only 44% of Bangalore turned up to vote last elections) sayin all the politicians are the same. If they feel so theycan go to the voting centre, register their presence, even get the indelible ink markand still not cast their vote to any candidate(meaning all the candidates are unfit).If more than 50% of voters do this elections will be held again with fresh candidates.

  2. Hmmmm…OK….But my view has been that I do not want a compromise on my principles to elect a leader to lead me….Why would i want to follow a leader, of whom i do not approve or am not happy about….If i feel this for one candidate, another citizen will feel the same for another candidate…The point is that, we are compromising a great deal of our personal values and convictions in order to be led by a leader….

  3. anu* says:

    Hitler stated some good things at first that was reflected in mein kempf… the only problem was that the leadership led to dictatorship and eventually to such a state of madness that the world was consumed with it.democracy has so many evils but in the end its all that keeps the world from destroying itself.unfortunately, there's both good democracy and bad democracy. Good democracy comes with ideas, will and purpose by people who wish to truly see a better world.that is so idealistic that i wouldn't be foolish enough to say that such a time will come.bad democracy is when parties are formed at the drop of a hat and people are so spoilt for choice that a single largest party cannot emerge (especially in a country like India where there are new and smaller parties everyday, and political convictions are so murky that certain politicians skip to another party every chance they get)…while such things go on, its impossible to truly come to some semblance of what a democracy should be or what leadership really means.I agree with you raghu that its painful to compromise on your principles and vote for people whose mandates you don't even believe in. The only problem is that if people stop voting, the result get divided to such an extent that eventually there will be anarchy [pretty strong word i know 😦 ]..if people voted, eventually a majority will result and politicians will have to prove themselves just to get elected the next time. a situation like this is extremely hard to achieve with our multi party system but hopefully a generation or two later, we might atleast be closer to the goal. india is still far too young and PROGRESS too fast for her to truly reach a level where people as a WHOLE can make a truly educated decision and come to a closer consensus. this has become more of a blog entry than anything else so i'll leave it at this.-anu

  4. @ anu* :Thanks for your sensible elaboration on the post… There have been many view-points into the prospects of democracy by you,which are convincing… But, I still feel there should be a lot better solution to this chaos and recklessness which generations have missed out….

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