Back to school days, although only for few hours….

To feel relieved from all the expectations and the pretense of almost a grown up even for sometime,feels like heaven….And when there’s an ample amount of good company to share this feeling, its much more than the hypothetical heaven itself…

This was the feeling i carried back home from a ‘get-together’ today at my friend’s very homely home…..I’m sure none of us were conscious of how silly or stupid we had been for that period of around 6 hours….Quarreling over the guesses in the games, accusing others of cheating in the play,having peeped into another’s set of cards-its relishing to think of it now….

We weren’t the B.E grads who are passing out from college…Just pure fun and there wasn’t anything else running in our heads…. Nothing else atleast crossed my mind; although when i was returning home i started getting drawn into the tide of my pending tasks…

Many of my friends as i’ve heard from them have got the concept of having FUN terribly wrong…It isn’t about shrugging your responsibilities and carrying a careless attitude…It’s the contrast switch between feeling occupied in some work you really love, and the same level of engrossment in any kind of activity with the right kind of light minded people(the last italicized part is the most important requirement)

Its just amazing how you feel when you are with the right company,having fun…The sensation is unparalleled…So, i call it the school days,when everything was pure, without motive and “just like that” …Most importantly no justification required for your actions and ‘without reason’ being the only reason…. 🙂

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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