We have passed the litmus test again !!!!

Time and again certain sectors of our system fails….This has led to breaches, which cause enormous devastations, at all levels…Lives are taken,an air of hostility becomes prominent, the entire country is thrown numb…This time again the security cover at thresholds has let us down…..
We are, i beleive witnessing the peak of a demonic, at the same time moronic atrocity of another sector of the mankind who proudly call themselves the propagators of terror….But, they themselves would not have understood the true motive of their actions…These are souls Instigated by extremism, blinded by futile-courage and sacrifice, perpetuating poison within themselves and their brethren and trying to accomplish a formless goal…
A battle of this kind is really hard to fight…You do not know who your enemies are until they say so…After that, whatever you do is just the process of healing…..
Now, due to negligence of the officers at the rudimentary levels the entire society is affected…In the subsequent process of recovery, we’ve lost many great selfless men who have fought for our sake…
It is in times like these we get to know the true colors of our politicians…Even now there has been no solidarity between them,in atleast showing compassion…They are trying to maneuver this issue as they would have done to any other issue, to favor their parties….
But the winners of this ghastly battle have been-We the people of India …There has been overwhelming support for the victims of this incident from every corner of India…We have led our leaders to follow us in a path of mutual harmony,self support and solidarity….


About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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