The saga continues ………..

Started of the day with a rehearsal of my presentation at 7,after a cold water bath at 6… Then all of us moved out of hostel to hog… The menu was sophisticated but the breakfast could not have got simpler and unexciting…
After registrations,we had the biggest acknowledgment for registering in the conference- a huge travel bag!!!
Then,it seriously got better, we were in front of Dr.Madhavan Nair-the man of the hour,after launching Chandrayaan-1 and its successful entry into the 100 km lunar orbit…
The inauguration ceremony was overwhelmingly filled with big names in space technology. We also happened to listen to an obscure speech by Satyabhama’s Chancellor,ignoring his mediocre English.
Then came an inspiring and motivating talk by Dr.Madhavan Nair. At times like these,after seeing people like him and his team is that i really begin to question the path i’ve chosen for myself…
Then came our presentation….This must have the first time that i didn’t commit any faux pas in my presentation…I always do one or the other inappropriate thing…It was an almost a perfect shot…We received lot of appreciation for our work and the presentation… -:)

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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