Tears that tear you apart….

I don’t know what should be said of the tears that flow down the eyes. It is such a simple but influential tool gifted to people.
I decided that i would not cry when i was in my 9th Std…I haven’t cried, more specifically sobbed since then…There have been lots of instances where in my eyes have been filled with tears,few of which for my own sake,most of it has been for my near and dear ones.Tears are an effective tool to a sigh of relief,but these tears have instigated me to come up with solutions which i hadn’t thought of.I feel a heart wrench when i see tears flow down from others’ eyes.It is a weird feeling, of sharing the pain…Sometimes i don’t realise the magnitude of a situation until tears are shed…
I really don’t agree with the notion that it is not manly to cry…I feel a strong urge to cry at times,but only to certain people…I don’t know if these people can see through me or what,but i definitely feel like resting my head on their shoulders and cry,silently…I don’t do it every time ,this makes me weaker from within…I think it has already done the damage…
Tears are the ticket to relief and solutions to our problems…It makes you realise who are the people caring for you,it increases the trust level and bonding between our spirits…
When people cry to me,i find it really hard to take it…I’m bad at consoling,so it gets worse…But i try to soak up as much pain as possible…
Your tears tear me apart…

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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