When procrastinating hurts real bad!

A random routine, with lot of running around,yanking and thinking, talking and more talking, with little attention to my food, health or exercise has been my lifestyle for quite sometime now, against all the earnest advice of all my well wishers, including my perennially concerned mother.

It is not that I chose this adhocism, but this has been the best I could do with all my resources. I usually never procrastinate the work on me, it just gets extended most of the times. The only aspect of me which wholeheartedly procrastinates is to attend to myself. My immunity has taken a hit in this regard, and have been catching cold every now and then.

So, who gives the wake up call – A good old, dreadful friend – Migraine!
Although, I wouldn’t usually put up a post about my migraine hit, this one was perfectly timed and un-ignorable!

It comes during a period of time, when as if to predict it, lot of my friends and at home had been warning me 😀

Enter migraine-2011: I easily could claim this to be the most severe attack I’ve had since I was medically diagnosed with migraine, before more than six years!

The experience: First, I feel wobbly on my way back from my cricket practice on my cycle; decide to give it a push, than a peddle.
Reach home, and I am all blacked out; the right portion of my skull is excruciatingly under pain (it hits me only the right side of my head!), almost like being crushed and is joined climatically by a stint of nausea, leaving me flat!

And now, If you thought I was done for another day or two: Nope!

I was up and running to normalcy in another 4 hours. How?

The only three words which I would never forget in my life came to rescue (the tablets to alleviate such migraine attacks), along with some aromatic therapy of herbs and spices at home,  and two hours of sleep bounced me back to sense. Nevertheless, some important plans of the day were jeopardized.

Moral of the story: I will take care of myself for, it costs me more when I’m blacked out, courtesy: migraine!

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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1 Response to When procrastinating hurts real bad!

  1. Shishir.B.S says:

    Aaaaah!!!! Deadly curse!!!!! I hate that thing!!!! Sailing on the same boat 😦 I know how it hurts and it hurts the most at a very important moment!!!! Sigh!!!!

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