Bryan Adams and the Greatest Sing-along concert in Bangalore!

Bryan Adams in Bangalore (image from TOI, we weren’t allowed with our cams!)

After the two hours of Bryan Adams in Bangalore, I was unable to make an audible sound, or even stand up straight; I was drenched in dust but was euphoric and was certainly still on Cloud No.9!

But, even a minute before, until there was Bryan Adams on stage, I, like the rest of the thousands, didn’t feel any fatigue, we were just ecstatic to see the Deity himself singing, jumping and cheering with us energetically, in his flesh and bones, until he got us soaked to our bare bones!
The sea of people, a sea with a common current of Bryan Adams’ music in it, was the experience of a lifetime. I’m certain that the Indian audience cannot sing-along any other artist for almost all the songs performed! It was scintillating, and not to mention intoxicating. 
While me and my friends were guessing as to what might be the opening track, he surprised us, by more aptly opening with “There will never be another tonight”, and he had the struck the right chord as he got us all jumping and hooting throughout… He introduces himself as Bryan Adams, and starts off with “Here I am”, and this track never fails to give goosebumps, and in a live show, it blows you away.
I can recollect something special about each of the tracks performed, but I’ll prevent myself from making this the longest post by me, and only mention the rest: Somebody, 18 Till I die, Everything I do – I do it for you, Please forgive me, Heaven, The only thing that looks good on me, Night to remember, How do you feel tonight, Can’t stop this thing we started, Cuts Like a knife, Here I am, Hearts on Fire, Thought I’d died and gone to heaven, Baby when you’re gone, Cloud No.9, Run to you, You’ve been a friend to me, Summer of 69 and I must have missed out a few and he closed the show with his Bare Bones performance.

Dizzy!And that’s what it was like!

There was an awesome jam between Bryan Adams and Keith Scott for one of the tracks, and later a dedication to Keith Scott in Hearts on Fire.  To perform the female lead for Baby when you’re gone, Bryan pulled out a girl from the audience and it was superb, and she did perform well!

At 90 mins the band closed the show with Cloud No.9, but the crowd asked for more and more, they did give heed to us and went back and performed Run to You and You’ve been a friend to me! Then the band members bid us adieu, while we hadn’t got enough. 
And this time Bryan Adams, stayed back and did two tracks from his Bare Bones, The way you make me feel and Straight from the Heart ( acoustic guitar, his voice and  him playing mouth organ!):The perfect curtain call!
These two hours of my life will remain evergreen and immortalized, with resonance of Bryan Adams’ performance, his energy, the music and all the words which mean so much to me!
Unintended Trance at the show…

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2 Responses to Bryan Adams and the Greatest Sing-along concert in Bangalore!

  1. Sudhi :-) says:

    And you missed summer of 69…Totally, a feast for Bryan Adam's fan..

  2. Ooops… Added it now 😉

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