My Location: The Green Peninsula

Firstly, at the risk of sounding chauvinistic, I dare to confess: Of all the cities  I’ve visited (as yet, only within India) nothing comes close to being Bangalore. I am addicted to the weather, ambiance, people and places here, and find it really tough to ‘adjust’ elsewhere. And yeah, it is shaping up to be a vulnerability of mine. Nevertheless, you would hear conforming confessions from most core Bangaloreans in the same context.

My physical location in Bangalore is one of the best places to be. It is The Green Peninsula: Three sides surrounded by the best greenery that Bangalore is still left with, and two patches of serene lakes; All within a radius of about 2-4 km.

@ the IISc

To my West is my favorite portion of Bangalore – The Indian Institute of Science. If not at work, I’ll most probably be found in the IISc; visiting friends, calling for meetings or participating in sessions. This is the best place to be cycling. The rich flora, the serenity, coupled with my books and music, and the impeccable lemon tea have made it an addiction of sorts…

@ UAS, approaching the big boulders

To the East is the University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), and this has immense retrospective value to me. It used to be the childhood weekly picnic spot. Over the weekends, me and my cousins would pack some snacks, or find some mulberries, or the strawberry-like flowers of cacti and ‘trek’ the small hills ( i.e., the big boulders), through the tongue-like mud roads to reach the Campus grounds.These huge grounds were where I scored my first 100 in Cricket ( two teams of 5 each were playing:), while I was in my high school. Other fascinating regions of this was the veterinary campus where the poultry, piggery, dairy farms were present. Now these farms are diminishing, but the pastures, and rest of the greenery is in decent condition.

Hebbal Lake, and a small portion of GKVK

To my North would be the continuation of the UAS campus, Gandhi Krishi Vignan Kendra  (popularly known as GKVK). I have paid the least number of visits here, but will be soon frequenting my rides to this campus as well.

The two scattered water bodies; the depleting Hebbal lake and the serene Sankey lake do add immense value to ambiance in my vicinity.

After having lived for a long long time in such a proximity, it comes as no surprise that I’m obsessed with this ambiance – the Green Peninsula of mine.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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  1. G.Suvetha says:

    Nice post …Indeed u've started breaking the monotony , I suppose.Love & smiles…Suvetha

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