Exception to the case of ‘Repellent likes’

Physics being the denominator of all science, is based on the fundamental fact that ‘likes repel’, whereas ‘unlikes would rather attract’, when put in a very blunt manner. Without trying to repeat the obviousness of the presented factual statement, and presuming that my audience is able to comprehend it in full context, I would be already delving to the point of contention in this post: Exceptions to the case of ‘Repellent likes’.

The exception being dealt with is not necessarily bound by the laws of Physics as we know today. And this makes this case of exception abstract in nature to a certain extent, as it operates at the intersections of the mental and social spaces.

Quite many of my posts and conversations would regularly aspire for, and invoke a sect of like-minded people. In one such interaction with one other like-minded friend, I happened to state “Like minds do not repel”. But, even before I had completed saying it, I felt necessitated to justify ‘the almost grueling friction’ which is so inherent to the interactions amongst, for instance within my own limited diaspora of resonating minds.

With some extra contemplation on these lines, although I was convinced of the friction prevalent, I did realize it was no repulsion that is manifested. It is more of the inherent attribute of such a diaspora, which culminates to become a process of refinement. If i were feeling poetic right now, I could go on to use the simile, and say,
Like the tough abrasion necessary to bring out the luster in diamonds

Apart from this friction that yields betterment, such interactions facilitate freducheying, churning out some of the most wonderful by-products, in the form of sparkling ideas bouncing off each other’s adamant convictions.

The seemingly repellent interactions amongst like minded people are actually synergistic in nature, and churn out ideas: Ideas that are immortal. 

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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3 Responses to Exception to the case of ‘Repellent likes’

  1. anupama says:

    I think that just as stray electrons would tend to repel one another whereas valence electrons would readily bond to achieve stability,a common aspiration(s) would establish and strengthen the bonds between like-minded people.Is the phrase "unlike s would rather attract" a deliberate obscurity intended to convey that you'd rather not think about "Unlike s attract"?

  2. Common aspirations? Isn't it the prime requisite amongst the like-minded? About 'unlikes would rather attract', the phrase is only playfully inserted there. I did not mean any implied obscurity.

  3. anupama says:

    Yes. That's what I meant by my comment

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