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A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.

Trekking the Mullerthal trail

Hiking in pristine nature is slowly growing to be a compulsive passion of mine. After the magnificent experiences from hiking the northernmost segment of Kungsleden last summer, in Sweden, my urge to get on the trail was again peaked for … Continue reading

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Sense and Sensibilities

Long train rides, after tedious days of mental toiling is rife with the possibilities of wandering into the alleys of the mind. Add to this, the film-reel of changing landscapes that’s flashing past the eyes, streaming picturesque fields adorned with … Continue reading

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Stirred by Tchaikovsky

“V for Vendetta” is, unequivocally, my favourite movie. Beyond impressing the principles of the protagonist, it has also had a deep impact on several aesthetic aspects in me. For a start, my blog “Ideas are Immortal” is a paraphrasing of … Continue reading

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Sweden or Denmark?

A common question I encounter these days is, if I like Sweden better or Denmark. I refrained from answering that question for a long time, as either choice would be based on strong biases. For instance, Sweden was the first … Continue reading

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Context for the stream of posts about “Demonetization in India”

Context for the stream of posts about “Demonetization in India”, for my friends outside India. Apologise if I’ve been flooding your newsfeed without providing proper context. Wrote this in response to a friend’s query: Tax evasion and hence unaccounted wealth … Continue reading

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Memories and time travel

One of those early nights after a long and seemingly tiring day, when still trying to work through elaborate mathematics in the notes I carried to the bed, more often than not, my mind finds all possible excuses to wander … Continue reading

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Growing up

Can you point out that one incident when you felt that you had grown out of your childhood; when your image of the world suddenly transformed; when it all gets disillusioned, and you come to face with the less exciting … Continue reading

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Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, and the sad reality of it

Enough has been said, of-late, as to who a patriot is, which of us are nationalists and who are the anti-nationals. This post is a frustrated response to the very many debates I cannot afford to engage on social networks. … Continue reading

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Cosy in Copenhagen…

It was one of those random thoughts that occur suddenly – usually, just before falling asleep – I had ‘moved’ from Sweden to Denmark, and I had done so unceremoniously! This transition was so abrupt and it happened amidst so … Continue reading

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“We are together, because we are alone”

Even simplest of the chores, when away from home, in a different country, can be daunting. After more than two years in Sweden, I still can’t get a decent haircut – mainly because I cannot convey myself clearly – and … Continue reading

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